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Poly Underfoot®

Hydronic Underfloor Insulating Panel for Heating & Cooling

The panel is made from expanded polystyrene combined with a HIPS film, which is added in the final stages of the moulding process.  Along with its fantastic insulating properties, Poly Underfoot® is a light, yet durable product which holds hydronic piping in place over existing base flooring.


Each Poly Underfoot® panel interlocks with its neighbour, giving a seamless finish and a strong base to start your project.  A self-levelling concrete screed is then laid over the panel and pipe.  Climate control is achieved by circulating heated or cooled water through the piping, to help keep a consistently comfortable environment.


Poly Underfoot® is not visible once installed, does not use up valuable wall space, and is particularly effective in public areas as there are no exposed or sharp surfaces which can be unattractive or dangerous.  Polyfoam is dedicated to continual improvement of its methods and practices to reduce its impact on the environment.  Poly Underfoot® is 100% recyclable and contains no CFCs.

Poly Underfoot provides you with the convenience of polystyrene-based insulation and a hydronic pipe template in one, easy to install, product.

Polyfoam Australia Pty Ltd is the creator, manufacturer and proud supplier of the Poly Underfoot® system.  We were established in 1986 by Mr. Bruce Pickett and are based in Melbourne, Victoria.  Since our inception, Polyfoam have remained one of the larger converters of EPS in Australia.  We have continued to grow and diversify our range, whilst at the same time expanding into other states.  Polyfoam Australia now operates facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart.  Our core business is manufacturing expanded polystyrene packaging for produce and other specialty products.


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